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Wonders shall never end, see what the daughter of a Native Doctor wrote on the photo she uploaded on facebook, that will shock you.



RuthyAma isBroke  has come again,trying to do what she always do best. she posted funny pictures of herself that looks like a village evil woman.

 picture she uploaded with the caption, 


If my boyfriend sees this picture he will never love another girl he shall love only me Voooooooo


And she also wrote, 


Anybody that sees this picture will automatically send me airtime send or die voooooo

Truly she looks so much like one wicked old evil woman in my village Lol. Like I will always say she do her things differently from other people, always trying to be creative, and it really giving her fame.


Not only facebook but other social media, people are always asking for her contact that means she have got alot of fans that likes what she do just like myself.

And more thing i still love so much about her is that she is very tolerance, each time she drop a post she normally have different reaction from alot of people, and many of them do use abusive words but never a day will you see her replying with abusive words honestly i so much love her for that. 

Below are the the pictures she posted 


The picture she posted this time really got alot of reactions from people as usual, ranging from from those insulting her and so on.

In the picture she uploaded she is holding a red object that looks like charm. 


One thing i notice guys like it when she is exposing her boobs when taking pictures, because there some comments saying that had it been she exposed her boobs the charm would work really funny.

Screenshot of some of the reactions in her comments box


The pictures really cause alot of mixed reactions, those calling her no Bwess gang lol most importantly she is making name for herself.

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