Pastor Mike Bamiloye has quizzed why the presence and manifestation of fake pastor be news on social media when there is fake almost everywhere around the globe.

Pastor Mike Bamiloye reacting to how people react to fake pastors online said there are fake iPhones, fake lawyers, fake police and military, fake drugs among a few others but that doesn’t stop people from getting the services of a real person in all these sectors.

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According to him, there may be many fakes but there are reals and that applies to the ministries as there are many fake pastors or men of God but then there are real ones also hence he doesn’t understand why the presence of a fake Pastor becomes news.

Pastor Mike Bamiloye added saying we are all used to these fakes around us and that doesn’t stop us from purchasing someone or seeking for the service of someone in another sector because of the fake ones around us, and that applies to the work of God as well.

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Pastor Mike Bamiloye went ahead to ask why would anyone in his/her right sense say he would not love God again or go to church again because he fell into the hands of a fake Pastor when Jesus had even warned that there would even be a fake Jesus Christ.

He then advised individuals to be wise and not turn their back on Jesus Christ because of a fake Pastor they have come across and not be like the man who would throw his genuine iPhone away just because there are fake iPhones in the system.

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