Former Nigerian presidential aide, Reno Omokri has chastised people who label wealth as vanity.

According to the renowned author, people label other people’s wealth because these people can’t have such wealth.

He made this made in a post he made on his verified social media handle on Twitter and in ..... he stated that it is not that the wealth itself is vanity adding the vanity is the inability of these people to acquire that level of wealth.


..... he made reads;

“Anyone can succeed if they have a goal and break it down to manageable steps. For example, have a goal to be a dollar millionaire in 10 years. Then break it down to monthly plans to make $8000. Making $1 million at once is hard. But $8000 monthly is much easier.

Wealth is vanity. But so is poverty. So, stop looking down at a rich man’s vanity as if your poverty vanity is better. Yes, he can’t take his wealth with him when he dies. But you can’t take your poverty with you too. In any case, wealth is a more enjoyable vanity.


People call the wealth they can’t achieve vanity. It is not that the wealth itself is vanity. The vanity is their inability to acquire that level of wealth. If they really believed wealth is verity, then why have they not given away the small money that they have?”