Nigerian singer Orezi has agreed to get married after his mother made him a prayer topic asking God to give him a good wife this year.

Orezi shared a video of his mother praying to God to give him a woman that will help and support him as his wife wishing that he will get married by the end of the year and he has agreed to get married very soon.

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Orezi has claimed now that he’s ready to get married after his friends teased him while reacting to his mother’s prayer request of getting married this year even though some of his friends doubt if he will indeed get married.

According to him, he’s ready to get married now but his friends seem not to believe him on that saying he’s a changed man now and doesn’t do what he used to do in the past when it comes to his relationship with ladies.

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It seems Orezi finally decided to get married after realizing how worried his mother is to the point of making him a prayer topic and wishing that he gets married this year and wants to make her happy and her wishes to come true.

Orezi’s mother making him a prayer topic isn’t something new on the side of mothers as every mother prays their children get married someday and she wants to see that happens and be happy with her son.

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