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See How Nigerian Scammers Now Operate SCREENSHOT Photos



It is crazy how people…full bodied, warm blooded, healthy and rational thinking people can have the mind to take things from other people deceitfully without caring about what they are going through.

I mean, how can a person going through a tough situation and needs help, comes to you and you exploit that situation for your benefit?

Damn, this world no balance oooo

I keep asking myself, why do God let things like this happen to good people? I mean, i’m a good person in my own capacity at least, i do not scam or steal from people so why was it so easy for me to be in that position?

My experience was crazy…the idiot “Aziegbe job” (if that is even his real name) even had the guts to ask for another money.

I mean, are there fools like that still in this world that would not realize when someone is scamming them and unrepentantly trying to take more from them. 


So the latest now is…someone wants a loan…people who have been blacklisted from taking loans from legit places, bad credit score or people who just don’t meet the requirements of the other loan companies…those are the people they are targeting. These clueless and desperate people fall into their trap thinking they have finally found a way to solve their problems, not knowing, they are headed into just another wahala.

The one that Scammed me on facebook (please guys stay away from any loan giving group or page on facebook that you have not verified.) kept convincing me, i won’t lie, he used words that make me think the risk was worth taken. I beat myself so hard about it because i’ve always thought myself a smart person. I didn’t even fall for MMM and the others when it was thriving. His first day excuse was that it was late, the next day, his director wasn’t around to stamp the application, the third day, “you have to pay #4500 for your loan to be disburbed” 

I kept wondering how pathetic and easy i must have sounded for the dude to aske for more money after the first crime. I smiled, i didn’t even get angry, i did not lash out. Even though i knew my money was gone, i asked him to return my money, that i didn’t want the loan anymore…and i never talked to him again. but i prayed…and i cried and i cursed him. I just know all of that won’t be in vain. God never lets his own down!