For Linda Ikeji, 2020 was a successful year for her considering how she purchased some of the most expensive things.

However, she had her own fair share of the problems the year came with and she has taken to her Instagram handle to speak about it.

Her post reads;

“2020 – what a year! None of us could have ever imagined it would turn out the way it did. Nobody, not even the greatest soothsayer foresaw it.

Now we are in 2021 and nobody knows how this year will turn out but here’s my prayer for everyone reading this today the first day of the year. Death will not come near you and your loved ones. They will not mourn over you and you will not mourn any loved one. Sickness will not visit you and your loved ones. Even if you don’t fulfill all your dreams, some of them will definitely come through this year. And no matter how tough this year gets, you will laugh through it. You will excel through it. You will shine through it. You will make more money than you’ve made in your life this year. If you fell in 2020, you will rise in 2021. If you experienced loss in 2020, God will restore you as if it never happened.


Miracles upon miracles will come upon you. And everything you’ve ever asked from God, you will receive this year. And in abundance.

You have just walked into the most successful and soul-nourishing year of your life! Amen. 🙏

Happy New Year, everyone! God bless and keep you now and forever! Amen. 🙏”

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