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Kindly Read This Article If You Are Using A Sim Card And A Mobile Phone Presently.



Sim card generally as we all knows is a Sim designed for making calls, receiving calls, messaging friends and family and also used to browse the internet.


In the first instance, people all over the world uses sim Card. You may be in a car traveling or you find yourself in a situation where you wants to call someone and you don’t have card. I am going to tell you how to flash someone using your mobile phone sim card with N0. 


You just have to do some little things but before that, let’s briefly talk about the causes of making you run low on card. The first one is a situation where you are far from where they sells recharge cards.

Besides, when you are far from where they sells recharge cards is not only the cause. The situation where you are traveling is another cause. You might be traveling and you will not be able to stop and buy card so you might run out of card in a case like that.

However, I shall not move further in telling you the causes of low card on a phone. Let me quickly tell you how to flash someone with N0 on your phone.

The first thing you should consider is making your phone fully charged. Once your phone is fully charged, you just have to open your dialer and type the little code in bracket on your phone’s dialer (**phone number). 

Just dial the little code upwards as in you dial ** the phone number that you wants to flash with N0 and the reciever phone will receive a missed call and call back. 

This code is only for Airtel users. If you want me to post how to flash with N0 on other networks, let me know in the comments section below. 

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