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If You Visit A POS Shop, Don’t Leave Until The Agent Does These Three Things



If You Visit A POS Shop, Don’t Leave Until The Agent Does These Three Things

According to Wikipedia, point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) is the time and place for settlement of retail transactions. At the point of sale, the retailer calculates the amount owed by the customer, states the amount, can create an invoice for the customer (this can be a printout from the cash register) and give the customer the opportunity to make payment. “”

If you go to the booth to get it out and the agent does, don’t go right away

The emergence of a selling point has helped solve a major problem with electronic money transfers, and the problems it creates for consumers are also enormous. However, you can ensure the safety of this account or the accounts mentioned in this article.

One of the most popular ways to get around quickly is to use a sales booth known by the acronym POS. Many people run this type of minibank at strategic locations and intersections to process transactions for the right customers. The point of sale is also very important as it saves time and money spent on accessing the banking area, regardless of the size of the transaction. Also, there is no risk of moving money as you can make a deposit just steps from someone’s house.

This transaction tool has been shown to reduce the difficulty of sending and receiving money, but has also proven risky. Many people have complained about suspicious and incomplete operations by POS agents being unresolved. People traveling to such places should be aware of this.

1. Before exiting, make sure that a warning is displayed so that no other downloads will start. The suspicious agent can claim that the transaction didn’t work after entering the password. Then do it again and ask for a password. You can see two stress alerts until you clear the first. So don’t just leave; Always wait a minute or two after the first dependency warning.

3. Whenever the agent wants to print a receipt, always take it and check whether the transaction was rejected or successfull.

There are many problems that arise when negotiating a place of sale, but the above are the simplest steps to ensure you never get lost. Also, don’t be in a rush if it’s a donation.

..... If You Visit A POS Shop, Don’t Leave Until The Agent Does These Three Things . Naija Campus Jams.




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