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‘4 Years Is Not Enough For Any Gov’t To Function Effectively. We Should Consider 5 Years Per Term’ – John Dumelo



Ghanaian actor cum politician, John Dumelo has stated that the four-year term does not give room for governments to function effectively.

According to him, no president or government can function effectively in four years adding that we should consider changing the current four-year term to five years.

He made this known in a recent post he made on his verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

..... he made reads;

“4 years is not enough for ANY President/ Gov to function effectively. The first year is used to settle down in the office and the last year for campaign, leaving only 2 years for effective work. We should consider 5 years per term.”

After he shared his opinion, his followers also took to the comments section to share theirs and some of the comments are;

Ricky Benedict Modestus – Because of akufo addo’s insensitivity and wickedness, l humbly propose 3 months.

Moyom Eric Tamilka – Oh no no no. In case of a bad government we would suffer for so long. Imagine if it was 5 years for this government. Like we would suffer an additional year.

Rosemary Korkor Amwegsi – No, we will not! America and many others working just fine with 4 years per term. You want 2 additional years so they can enrich themselves more 🙄

Kwame Sam-Brew – If you know what to do, you don’t need a year to settle down. You should have the people you want to work with ready to hit the ground running. No serious government of a country will use a year to settle down.

Divine Ko-jo Bounty – With the behavior of Ghanaian leaders, 2 years kraaaa is good. If it were to be 2 years, like by now we would have been happy Akuffo Addo will leave and go away with his troubles next year naa

Phelix Odum – Giving Nana Akufo-Addo 5 years for a term will kill all Ghanaians.They said four more,but the 1 more has damaged our reputation as Ghanaians and now we are loosing our dignity.

Rabiata Shuaibu – 4yrs is ok if not less.. bcos non of them (president) will come in power without being a Govornor , sanator, deputy ….they all have experience they know how the office work is…all they care is their accounts.

Raymond Narh Dor – Pls stop this thing. 4 yrs koraa see how they’re are misusing funds and you want us to extend it to 5 yrs. Sorry for you. We won’t allow that.

Abdul Hameed – JM used four years to do what Akufo-Addo cannot do if given 16 years. It’s not how long, it is the quality of leadership. How many terms do the Americans do? They’ve practiced this democracy for 180 years.

Fummey Kobby Eben – Good work speaks for itself, you don’t need one whole years to campaign if you have done a really good work. the reason why politicians use the last year to campaign is because you don’t do well when in office, we have eyes to see so just do the work and let the work speak for you…. John Dumelo